A Simply Delicious Pink Beverage!
Watch How Drinking Pink Can Change Your Life!

Real health begins in your gut. The delicate balance of good and bad microbes in your gut (your "microbiome") can affect everything from your mood, to your immune system, to your weight. 70% of your immune system cells are linked to your gut and 90% mood boosting serotonin is produced in your gut, where essential vitamins like B12, folate, and good microbes like Akkermansia - can thrive.

Unfortunately, your gut's microbiomes balance can be impaired by any number of factors;

This imbalance, referred to as dysbiosis, can cause problems that affect your daily life, like bloating, constipation, bad breath, and excess gas. No one wants to deal with that!


Plexus Slim is a patent pending health drink your body has been waiting for, with prebiotics to support and microbiome health, exciting weight loss benefits and a refreshing raspberry, lemon, watermelon flavor.

Plexus Slim can help your gut thrive. Packed with powerful ingredients, including the clinically demonstrated prebiotic Xylooligosaccharide (XOS), Slim increases beneficial microbes - increasing Lactobacillus by 365x and Bifidobacterium by 290x.

Prebiotics like the ones contained in Slim, can increase good microbes after just a few days of daily use. These microbes can return to unbalanced levels within a week if you skip your daily dose of the prebiotics in Slim!

Slim's weight loss benefits are better than ever. Slim increases Akkermansia - a remarkable microbe, which positively impacts disrupted metabolism associate with being overweight - by 250 times. Slim also increases production of short-chain fatty acids, like butyrate (which regulates energy metabolism) and propionate (which may play an important role in appetite regulation).?

The chromium and chlorogenic acid found in the green coffee bean in Slim, work together to help support healthy glucose metabolism. Slim helps you lose weight, and the results are clinically demonstrated in a placebo-controlled study of 175 participants.

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